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You will get complete solutions all in one. In cooperation with our production and our partner companies, we provide you a wide range of services.

We are partners with competences in all significant areas of machine-tool construction. We offer you a one-of-a-kind combination of expertise and experience to help you achieve all your goals.

Prozessauslegung und Taktzeitermittlung für Maschinenbau

Process Layout

We calculate the piece times and optimize the cycle times and the workflow according to your system..

umbau und retooling. Erstellen von Werkzeugplänen.

Tooling Concept

Creating tool plans with CutView®. Tool design and cycle time calculation. With new Tools you can achieved a Time optimizing.

3D construction of clamping fixtures for optimized workpiece clamping positions

Our clamping fixtures, including multiple clamping fixtures, are designed for machining. Depending on the machine environment and requirement profile, they are designed as mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic fixtures. We also have the right solutions for difficult clamping positions and complex workpiece geometries. Your workpiece has the optimum workpiece clamping positions for further processing that ensures your
trouble-free production and reduces rejects

Fertigung und Ausprobe der Vorrichtung

Manufacture and testing of the device

In our production, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we produce high-quality workpieces and assemblies economically in short delivery times. Specialists with many years of professional experience assemble all fixtures and assemblies. The assembly includes the hydraulic piping and installation. All devices are tested on the test bench. The values achieved are recorded and documented.

Projektierung für Ihre vollautomatisierte Fertigung. Hierzu gehört die Planung Simulation und Integration von Robotern, einschließlich deren Programmierung und Anbindung mit NC und SPS Programmierung an die Fertigungslinien und Auswerteprogrammen


Together with our experts we take over the complete project planning for your fully automated production. This includes the planning, simulation and integration of robots, including their programming and connection with NC and SPS programming to the production lines and evaluation programs. G+S Engineering GmbH designs and builds both robot grippers and suitable devices with automated loading and unloading.

Simulation und SPS / NC Programmierung

Simulation and SPS / NC programming

We support you when you convert your machining to new workpieces or plan additional machining operations.
Reduced cycle times, optimisation and longer tool life are guaranteed by our programming with state-of-the-art CAD-CAM systems.
The NC programs are created in the office and simulated so that the running-in on site can be carried out faster and more effectively.
The PLC programs are also prepared and then read into the control system at the machine.

umbau und retool von Fertigungszellen MFU

Process Commissioning

The process commissioning requires a high degree of know-how. NC and SPS programs are read in and workpieces are machined in single steps.
The entire system is then tested in automatic mode and parts are machined and measured.
If the parts are within tolerance, the MFU is carried out with final acceptance and protocol

We support you with our skills in the implementation of your projects. Here you decide which depth of service you need.