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Retool, Umabu und Retrofit für Werkzeugmaschinen

G+S Engineering GmbH

was founded in 2003 and has successfully established itself on the market since then. The company is located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in the Stuttgart region.
We began with the development of customer-specific problem solutions in the field of design and optimization of work processes for production lines and machining centers. Whether new planning or conversion and overhaul measures, the customer will always receive an extremely economical result for his problems.
In 2004, the design and manufacture of workpiece-specific clamping fixtures and the modernisation of machining centres and production lines was also started.
Now we offer you everything from ready-to-use production lines to automation with robot integration to new machines equipped with technology and clamping devices.
Our own production guarantees high reliability and direct access to deadlines and quality.
All detail solutions are worked out together and presented to you as a complete package under G+S Engineering.

Our main customers are from the automotive industry, but also companies from the machine tool industry, manufacturers of power generation plants or valve manufacturers belong to our clientele.


Prozessauslegung und Taktzeitermittlung für Maschinenbau


Founding G+S Engineering GmbH
Process Design


Clamping Fixtures


Founding GRS
Manufacturing and assembly

Umbau Fertigungslinien als Turnkey-Lösung


Retrofitting of production lines as turnkey solution

Gesamtanlagen mit Automation für Fertigungslinien


Workpiece handling and robot integration

Ausrüstung und Technologie für Neumaschinen und Fertigungszellen


Equipment and technology for new machines

Our manufacturing partners

With the latest technology and short delivery times, we produce high-quality workpieces and assemblies. The quality is continuously monitored and well documented.

Specialists with many years of professional experience install all fixtures and assemblies. The assembly includes the hydraulic piping and installation. All fixtures are tested on the test bench. The values will be recorded and well documented.

Quality for you

A further step to maintain our high quality standard are the
regular inspections according to DIN ISO 9001.

However, quality cannot only be achieved through well formulated corporate goals or quality management systems. The highest and most important
proof of quality for every company is the satisfaction of our customers

Our Management

Hans-Jörg Semsky

Hans-Jörg Semsky

Offer and technology
phone +49 (0)711/78 78 169-2
Email hj.semsky[at]gs-engineering.de
Magdalena Gutwillinger

Magdalena Gutwillinger

Order processing
phone +49 (0)711/78 78 169-2
Email m.gutwillinger[at]gs-engineering.de
Markus Grob Führungskraft

Markus Grob

phone +49 (0)173-3544971
Email m.grob[at]gs-engineering.de